Fresh Popcorn

A celebration of indie horror!

Fresh Popcorn is a Night Of The Horrorphile bonus episode celebrating indie horror films.  Each Monday Leigh reviews an indie horror film you should be watching! 

 If you’d like your project (short or full length) featured on Fresh Popcorn just Email us at  or shoot us a message on our Twitter!  A new Fresh Popcorn every Monday!!! 

Below are the films we have covered, including trailers and links to the episodes!

The Good Exorcist (2019)

Fresh Popcorn 15

Leigh checks out an awesome little low budget film directed by Josh Stifter.

All The Devils Are Here (2014)

Fresh Popcorn 14

Leigh checks out 2014’s hidden gem ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE.

Slay Belles (2018)

Fresh Popcorn 13

Barry Bostwick as a biker Santa Fuck yea!

Rabid (2019)

Fresh Popcorn 12

Leigh checks out the fantastic remake of one of his favorites.

Wretch (2019)

Fresh Popcorn 11

A powerful movie with ties to one of Leigh's favorite legends.

The headhunter (2019)

Fresh Popcorn 10

The director of ThanksKilling gives us one of the best films of 2019!

The phone Dead (2019)


Fresh Popcorn 9

Fresh Popcorn 9

What happens when we become slaves to our phones?

Into the Dark: Pilgrim (2019)

Fresh Popcorn 8

Finally a really good thanksgiving horror film!

Callous (2018)

Fresh Popcorn 7

Not so much a movie as it is an experience.

Fat Guy With A Shotgun (2017)

Fresh Popcorn 6

A fun Gruesome time complete with a Fat guy and a shotgun as promised.

Nefarious (2019)

Fresh Popcorn 5

Nefarious comes from across the pond to give us a twist on home invasion.

Mandao Of The Dead (2018)

Fresh Popcorn 4

Horror comedy is hard to pull off but MANDAO does the job

Never Hike Alone (2017)

Fresh Popcorn 3

with Jason, all tied up in court Leigh takes a look at an impressive fan film

The Trick OR Treat Picture Show (2019)

Fresh Popcorn 2

Leigh reviews the nostalgia trip of The Trick or Treat Picture show.

Between The Darkness (2019)

Fresh Popcorn 1

Leigh watched Between the darkness