What is Night Of The Horrorphile?

Night Of The Horrorphile began as a show inspired by Joe Bob Briggs the Drive-In movie critic.  The show began its journey as a twitch channel and eventually became a podcast with the goal of spreading a love of horror, we aren't critics we are fans.  

  NOTH is made up of Leigh Evans a self-proclaimed intellectual Redneck and Brittany Evans the newbie to the horror world.  Leigh has a deep obsession with horror films and film in general,  he is a fountain of useless movie knowledge.  Brittany is new to horror and brings and everyday viewpoint to horror classics new and old.  

Night Of The Horrorphile isn't your average horror movie podcast.  Its comedy combined with knowledge and ultimately a love letter to Horror, Exploitation, and the Drive-In movies we adore.  Join us as we deep dive into a different horror film every Friday! 


Your resident weirdos!


Leigh Evans

Leigh isn't a movie critic, hes not tomato site certified and no one pays him to write opinionated reviews.  An Intellectual redneck born in Tulsa Oklahoma, Leigh was brought up on a steady diet of exploitation and gore.  Raised in a horror loving household shaped him into what he is today.  

Beer loving and horror addict, Leigh is the self proclaimed expert on the show!


Brittany Evans

Brittany had the misfortune of marrying a horror loving southern stoner.  She also is not a movie critic, in fact she has barely seen anything.  Britt is the normal of our two hosts, keeping Leigh grounded and not rambling is a full time job.  Brittany is Night Of The Horrorphiles very own horror virgin!