To get in touch with us for questions, movie requests, casual death threats, and other madness, email us at


A Few Ground Rules

  1. No we will not play cousin Timmy’s birthday
  2. Yes you can request any movie just keep it at least a few years old.
  3. No you cant be on the show, unless you’re Bruce Campbell! We have a specific formula and vibe that we like to keep.
  4. No you don’t have to get baked in order to enjoy the show, however it does help.
  5. Yes, we will check out your movie, just submit a link or a screener to the above email address. There is no promise that your film will have its own episode but never say never.
  6. No we do not belong to any fandoms, while we do support all fandoms and fans, our motto has always been anyone can be a Horrorphile, that means everyone from all walks of life. There is no gatekeeping here at NOTH.
  7. While Leigh is our favorite know it all, he cant answer “who was the one guy who played in the one movie” questions. However submit any question you have about anything and he will still answer!
  8. Yes we do accept nudes.