About Night Of The Horrorphile

Night Of The Horrorphile is not your normal podcast, everyone can make fun or just shoot the shit about a movie. What we do is take a movie explain why its great and share behind the scenes knowledge on how it was made, that on top of comedy and fun banter makes us stick out from the crowd. Night Of The Horrorphile is composed of Leigh, a obbsessive horror fan who lives the genre, and Brittany a newcomer to the horror genre. Brittany isnt a huge fan of all this so she brings an outside perspective while Leigh gushes about the movies he loves.

Night Of The Horrorphile caters to those who feel left out of the fandoms and want a place to belong, our motto is “you can love or hate a movie, but please respect the art”. We invite everyone, hardcore fans and casual fans to join us in celebrating horror and exploitation.

Night Of The Horrorphile

Our Theme song was written and performed by the amazing John Brennan (The Last Drive-In, Troma) used with permission!